Solutions For Sponsors

Optimize processes and reduce your trials costs

Medscale’s solutions for clinical trials sponsors, meets all the major regulatory requirements and enables for a better return of investment (ROI), since the traditional EDC is very complex, costly and takes longer than usual for a lot of clinical trials.


  • Considerable savings: being more accessible, Medscale´s eCRF can be used in many situations, in which the traditional EDC could be inviable in consequence of its higher cost.
  • Don’t fall behind: beyond enabling faster study start-ups, the use of Medscale´s eCRF may reduce the overall study duration, through improvements in communications processes.
  • Know what’s happening: reports presents the trial’s overall scenario in real-time.
  • Based on data standards: your study can be completely transferred to another EDC system if needed, or submitted to regulatory appreciation.
  • Personalized services: Medscale’s solutions can be customized to each case and have a support team available full-time.