Solutions for CROs

The perfect partner for CROs

Using one platform like Medscale EDC, which is very effective and qualified as the ones existing in other countries, CROs can manage multiple trials with multiple sponsors effectively. With the standardization of your customer’s clinical trials, you will be able to focus on the most important parts of your daily routine to manage and successfully conduct them, delegating the management of the data platform to a partner like Medscale in order to achieve a high level of service.


  • Use our platform as a sales tool: we deliver to our partners early access to the platform so that they can present it to their customers in order to show concrete examples of a running study.
  • Efficiency: processes are simplified with the Medscale EDC platform, demanding less professional time and resources for each trial.
  • Visibility: show results more often to your customers.
  • Technology consolidation: instead of working with lots of different EDC suppliers, standardize all studies data within our platform.
  • Competitive advantage: as Medscale EDC incorporates a number of critical features and it’s investment needs are inferior than our competitors, you can offer solutions with reduced costs to your customers.