About Us

Technology for Clinical Trials

Medscale is a provider of clinical data management systems, offering solutions for clinical trials of every size and phase. Among other products offered, Medscale EDC, the best-in-class electronic data capture platform in the Brazilian market, brings security and innovative technologies, with expertise and commitment to quality, helping customers and partners to manage and run studies faster and more cost effectively.


Provide innovative software solutions in clinical research for pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, offering products to support and manage studies of all sizes and phases.


Provide our clients with a competitive advantage, through the correct use of software and technological tools. To be recognized in the national and international market for the excellency of the services developed.

Our vision is that all forms of work can be organized and optimized, obtaining results with:

  • Elimination of redundant and error-prone processes;
  • Agile enhancement in study execution;
  • Optimization of monitoring processes.


  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship;
  • Pioneer Actions;
  • Quality and Security;
  • Transparence and Respect;
  • Teamwork and Valuing of Collaborators
  • Ethics and Integrity.